Work with Us

If you share our passion and dedication to the small business community, we’re encouraging you to join our team.

NCVCCO is your premier source of information, news, and issues relevant to the small business community. Likewise, it aims to assist businesses to achieve efficiency, productivity, and excellence by elevating their accounting and finance services to a different level.

This is possible because of the commitment of the NCVCCO team lead by Kevin Bell, who manages the business. We are a diverse group with different business backgrounds and expertise, which is why we believe you can be an excellent addition to the team. But that is if you share our passion for helping out small businesses.


What We Need From You

We do not have an extensive list of qualifications for whoever wants to work with us. What is important for us is your dedication and willingness to go towards the direction we have set for the NCVCCO team. We aim for a team that not only knows how to work hard but to have fun as well. We want a team that never loses the drive and the passion to serve. We envision a lively, happy, and comfortable workplace. A place where anyone is welcome to share his thoughts and ideas, no matter how crazy they are.

So if you think you qualify, get in touch with us by navigating to our Contact Us page. You will find all the contact details you need there. Be sure to prepare a short paragraph about yourself. Submit it along with a list of your work-related experiences, as well as links to your social media accounts or website/blog.


What Our Team Needs:

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We hope to work with you soon!